Mold Zero’s dual dry fogging technology is non-toxic, family safe and pet friendly. Our patented formula is EPA approved and has gone through rigorous testing which makes it Eco-friendly and a great solution for mold and virus removal. We are proud that our Eco-friendly technology improves the health of families and workers as well. 


With traditional mold remediation, many times, walls need to be torn down. Using our dual fog technology this does not have to be the case. If there is no active leak and the area is dry, little or no demolition is required. Further, furniture does not need to be removed and in most cases, it takes a day to complete the job.

The health, safety, and well-being of our customers, our associates, and our communities are of paramount concern.

California Locations

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  • Alhambra
  • Avocado Heights
  • Bassett
  • Charter Oak
  • Claremont
  • Duarte
  • El Monte
  • Hacienda Heights
  • Hollywood
  • La Crescenta
  • Mayflower Village
  • North El Monte
  • Rosemead
  • San Gabriel
  • Silver Lake
  • South San Gabriel
  • Temple City
  • Vincent
  • West Puente Valley
  • Altadena
  • Azusa
  • Bradbury 
  • Citrus 
  • Covina 
  • Eagle Rock 
  • Glendale 
  • Highland Park 
  • Irwindale 
  • La Puente 
  • Monrovia 
  • Pasadena 
  • Rowland Heights 
  • San Marino 
  • South El Monte 
  • South San Jose Hills 
  • Tujunga 
  • Walnut
  • Arcadia
  • Baldwin Park
  • Burbank
  • City of Industry
  • Diamond Bar
  • East Pasadena
  • Glendora
  • Hillgrove
  • La Canada
  • La Verne
  • Monterey Park
  • Pomona
  • San Dimas
  • Sierra Madre
  • South Pasadena
  • Studio City
  • Valinda
  • West Covina

We proudly serve San Gabriel and Los Angeles as well as the following cities in California for mold and virus remediation services. Please contact us if you don’t see your city listed.

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Take my word: Mold Zero is professionalism to the ninth degree. Reach out to them now, you won't regret it.

Margaret J. Atwood


My experience with Mold Zero was great. I love the fact that there wasn't a ton of chemical sprayed into the home. They were prompt with there service and very understanding of our needs. I received a detailed report on the lab results of the affected area and assured the mold was gone. I will use them in the future.

Bryan Young

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Raymond was a breeze to work with, he was clear and direct. He communicated the services, their features, differences and processes used. He went above and beyond my expectations in his diligence in applying mold removal agents in the house. He was able to converse with and allay any fears of the tenants with respect to side effects of the chemicals used. He worked closely with the dry-wall handymen to ensure the right parts of the water damaged dry-wall were removed and replaced. He was generous with his availability and time. On my request he communicated directly with the insurance in support of my claim. Beyond all that, Raymond is a down-to-earth guy, very cordial and easy to converse with.

Prakash S. in Manhattan Beach, 
Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold


Mold Zero guarantees results. One way Mold Zero guarantees results is by taking air samples inside your home both before and after treatment is done. We have an independent lab evaluate the samples and give us reports so we can assure your home is up to our standards for a safe healthy home. 


If you need help removing viruses or mold and want to sanitize your home or office we can schedule a free evaluation. Our certified professionals will evaluate your property and offer a solution to effectively handle your virus and/or mold problems.

Mold Zero is uniquely different from traditional mold and virus removal companies. We use a patented “dual dry-fog” technology that safely gets rid of bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi by penetrating every nook and cranny of your home in just hours. The indoor quality of air in one’s home is of concern to many of us these days.  


Mold is made up of tiny spores that quickly multiply, spreading throughout your home into every crack and crevice. Our dry fog formula is even smaller and microscopic in size in relation to mold spores, so it goes deep into areas, even porous materials, and kills spores that many other chemicals or remediation services cannot reach.


It has been discovered that some people are susceptible to health risks or have adverse effects from mold and virus exposure. This can increase the risk of a variety of health problems. These symptoms could include: 

  • sneezing
  • asthma
  • coughing
  • respiratory symptoms
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • sinus infections
  • neurological issues
  • Fibromyalgia and muscles aches

Trying to handle mold in your home is not one of those “Do it yourself” projects. In the process of trying to clean up mold, one stirs up more mold spores which multiply and in turn release more spores. So, as you can see, the help of a professional is the best solution in handling mold effectively and safely.


At Mold Zero we know that the warm California air can make mold spores grow rapidly which soon consume a home. We also know that mold grows in moist areas so one wise investment would be a dehumidifier. This is a great machine that will help to reduce moisture in the air.

 If possible, use an air conditioner or heat when needed to maintain a neutral temperature in your home to keep mold from growing. If air stays in one place, it becomes a magnet for mold, so open your vents and use fans when needed even if the room isn’t occupied. Keep the air circulation moving.


Mold is everywhere in the environment, outdoors and indoors. The problem becomes how to rid a home of mold spores that move throughout the environment. Many people think that painting an area, using Clorox or other cleaners work, but they are only “cover up” actions that don’t get to the root of the problem.

 It is also important to check areas of a home that normally have less exposure to the cool air circulation such as the corners in cabinets, closets and within showers. Keeping these areas clean and dry is important. There are a few other steps you can follow to keep moisture away as well. Wipe up wet areas right away, so mold can't form. Remove moldy or old food, leave the bathroom and shower doors open to dry out after each use, open curtains to let light into the premises and avoid air drying clothes indoors. We hope this helps you understand how to keep mold in your home under better control.

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Mold Zero’s dual dry fogging technology is non-toxic, family safe and pet-friendly. Our patented formula is EPA approved and has gone through rigorous testing which makes it Eco-friendly and a great solution for mold removal. We are proud that our Eco-friendly technology improves the health of families and workers as well. 

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As a leader in creating safe indoor environments, Mold Zero is playing a beneficial role today by using our pathogen removal service, our same dry fog technology that is effective for mold removal, to deliver sanitization services for those who would like to take the opportunity to thoroughly disinfect and protect their homes or offices.


This patented technology is a powerful sanitizer that recognizes mold spores, viruses and bacteria and destroys them. Our dry fog system is a non – toxic sterilant and will sanitize any surface it touches. It's used in hospitals, gyms, schools, veterinarian hospitals, boats, and vehicles and has stood up to rigorous testing by the army corps of engineers. Mold Zero our approach to safe and healthy indoor air quality.

First phase
The first phase of treatment is our Instapure dry fog agent. We're proud to announce that Instapure is now on the EPA N-list for killing human coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We can fill up the entire space or building with our EPA approved sterilant that kills airborne and surface pathogens. It reaches into those hard to reach areas that infest your home or office and gives your property a safe, clean environment to live in.

Second Phase
The second phase, Everpure is the second solution to any virus, mold or bacteria entering into a home or office. It provides a microbiological barrier on all surfaces of the home destroying any microorganisms on contact while leaving no residue behind.


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