California Landlords Need to Know This In 2022


New Procedure in 2022 to Affect Landlords

Maintenance and repairs can be one of the biggest expenses when it comes to leasing a property. If you’re a landlord in California, you know this to be true, especially when there is a costly tear down of drywall. 

Renters will soon be receiving a pamphlet that explains their rights when it comes to finding mold. If you’re a landlord, you should be aware of what’s contained within the pamphlet, as well as how to respond if mold is found on your property.

Highlights of the Dampness and Mold Pamphlet

Mold can be a common problem, especially in older properties. If mold is found within a living space, that particular building can fall below the California Health & Safety Code standards. That could mean a potential loss until conditions improve.

If you’re concerned about mold, here are some warning signs you should look for. These signs are mentioned in the pamphlet as well.

  • Visible spores
  • Damp building structures, clothes, or other materials
  • Moldy smell
  • Water damage (visible and hidden)
  • Humid conditions

Mold may not always appear visible to the naked eye, and can hide behind walls, so it’s important to understand the effects spores might have on your tenant’s health as well. For instance, many of the symptoms mimic a common cold, such as a stuffy nose, cough, or other respiratory issues. Skin rashes can also occur.

The bottom line is that tenants must notify the landlord if they suspect mold is present. If the landlord does not respond, tenants can contact local code enforcement agencies to determine if a violation has occurred.

What the Pamphlet Means for Tenants

Tenants will now have a better understanding of what mold is and not only how it can be identified, but also how it can affect their health. The pamphlet describes mold in enough detail to tip-off tenants to the issue if conditions are present.

What the Pamphlet Means for Landlords

Landlords who lease older properties should consider mold to be (and/or become) a potential issue. Materials break down over time and mold is relentless and will begin to inhabit these broken-down materials.

Tenants within these properties now have the potential to bring demands to the attention of these landlords. Action will have to be taken in order to remove the mold from the property so as to provide a livable habitat, which is where Mold Zero’s experienced and knowledgeable technicians can help.

Better Informed is Better Prepared

At Mold Zero, our patented Advanced Dry-Fogging Process is an effective way to remove mold from your home with little or no demolition. Our professionals are experts in tackling mold in almost any scenario. As professionals, they are very knowledgeable about how to remove mold safely, quickly, and efficiently.

How MOLD ZERO Can Help:

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