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Mold Testing in Glendale, CA: Residential & Commercial Mold Inspection & Testing Services

Mold testing and inspection is the best way to determine what action needs to be taken at your Glendale home or business, and Mold Zero Services LLC guarantees honest results. We take air samples inside your Glendale home or business both before and after treatment is done. We have an independent lab evaluate the samples and give us reports so we can assure your property is up to our standards. We take mold testing and inspection services seriously, and we make sure you get the most accurate picture of your mold problem.

Premier Mold Screening Services for Glendale Property Owners

It's impossible to eliminate what you cannot see, which explains why accurate mold testing services are essential for the removal process. Mold inspection and testing must be sent to certified labs, so never leave it up to an amateur in Glendale — your long-term health is at risk. If you smell or see mold in your Glendale property, don't hesitate to call our team, a timely response is the key to success.

Specialized Mold Inspection Services in Glendale

A certified mold specialist needs to conduct mold inspection services at your Glendale commercial or residential property if you want to be accurate and up to date. Frequently, you can easily see the mold, making testing and inspection easy. However, mold is tricky and can often hide from the untrained eye, making mold inspection important. When you choose Mold Zero Services LLC, you'll always know what you're up against.

Black Mold Tests for Glendale Commercial and Residential Properties

Black mold can be extremely hazardous to your health, making black mold testing critical for every Glendale property owner who suspects they are dealing with it. What exactly is black mold? Black mold is a particular strain of mold that often has an earthy, musty smell, usually with black rings encircling impacted areas. Black mold is known to cause cognitive and respiratory issues, especially in at-risk individuals. This is why accurate black mold testing is required to truly know what you're dealing with.

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Our services are guaranteed; we take samples inside your Glendale, CA home or business before and after specialized mold treatments to ensure effectiveness. Mold Zero works closely with Glendale, CA commercial and residential clients to put forth solutions which permanently eradicate all their mold issues. For more information, schedule a free evaluation to find out the extent of your mold infestation.

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