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Fogging Sanitation in Pasadena, CA: Residential & Commercial Fogging Sanitation Services

Here at Mold Zero, we provide our customers in the Pasadena area with disinfectant fogger services. This method is not only a non-toxic option, but EPA approved as well. We explain the process of our sanitation fogger and how it works for our Pasadena customers. With our team, you’re never in the dark about what we’re doing. We provide you with a thorough explanation of our fogging sanitation benefits versus the advantages of traditional methods. Choose our disinfectant fogger services in Pasadena for a safe indoor air quality approach, to avoid breathing in impure air.

What Is Fogging Sanitation Used For?

Our fogging sanitation is where the process of our disinfectant fogger is used to emit chemical disinfectants through a type of mist within your Pasadena property. The fog fills the entire room, which is beneficial for getting in hard to reach places that you may not be able to reach by hand. Our sanitation fogger typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to release the disinfectant chemicals fully. From there, our Pasadena professionals will wait an hour for the disinfectant to settle.

What Does A Sanitation Fogger Do?

Using our sanitation fogger does two things. First off, it decreases the number of airborne micro-organisms within your Pasadena property; and two, it allows for the fogging sanitation to reach places we otherwise wouldn’t be able to attain. The disinfectant fogger is a forceful sanitizer carried out by our patent technology. Cleaning every surface, it touches, there’s no easier way to thoroughly clean your Pasadena property than with our fogging sanitation services. See for yourself why so many Pasadena customers choose Mold Zero for their boats, vehicles, hospitals, schools, gyms, and much more.

The Benefits You Need

Our Sanitation fogger greatly benefits our Pasadena community. Our non-toxic technology is different than any traditional method you’re used to. You’ll be happy to learn it’s pet friendly and safe for your family and Pasadena employees. Not only is our fogging services EPA approved, but it’s eco-friendly. The great thing about this approach is that because it recognizes and eliminates bacteria, viruses, and even mold spores, it’s beneficial to use for a variety of tasks. Whether you need a nontraditional strategy to taking down mold removal (depending on the severity of the situation) or you’re looking to better your air quality, we’ve got you covered.

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Our services are guaranteed; we take samples inside your Pasadena, CA home or business before and after specialized mold treatments to ensure effectiveness. Mold Zero Services LLC works closely with Pasadena, CA commercial and residential clients to put forth solutions which permanently eradicate all their mold issues. For more information, schedule a free evaluation to find out the extent of your mold infestation.

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