Air Quality Services in Silver Lake, CA: Residential & Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing, Fogging Clearing & Odor Removal Services

Home air quality testing isn’t a service that’s at the top of many resident’s priority lists. However, at Mold Zero Services LLC, we can tell you it’s a service that’ll do some long-term good for your Silver Lake property. Choosing to learn more about our air quality inspection and odor removal services, offered throughout Silver Lake, can only benefit your health and the individuals around you.

How Do I Know If My Air Quality Is Poor?

There are common symptoms that are tell-tale signs you need air quality testing. Chronic headaches, shortness of breath, and sinus congestion are just a few of the possible signs you might be dealing with poor air quality in your Silver Lake property. Don’t risk your wellbeing and the health; opt for our Silver Lake air quality services today.

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If you need help removing mold and want to clean your home or office we can schedule a free evaluation. Our certified professionals will evaluate your property and offer a solution to effectively handle your mold problems.

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Man work fogging to eliminate mosquito for preventing spread dengue fever and zika grime

What Is Air Quality Testing?

Indoor air quality inspection is when our Silver Lake team tests the air inside your property to ensure it’s as pure as possible. Our air quality service and home testing can determine whether your Silver Lake residence suffers from unclean air through state of the art testing. Choose our air quality inspection to make sure you’re breathing in clean air.

Male pushing a clean air filter into place in the ceiling with both hands. One fresh furnace air filter being secured in the intake grid of the white home ceiling.

What Is Fogging Sanitation?

Fogging sanitation is part of our Silver Lake air quality services where fog or mist can be released in the room you want to be cleaned; it’s a clean, chemical disinfectant that gets in hard to reach areas. This process eliminates any mold spores, bacteria, and possible pathogens, significantly improving air quality within that particular room.

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Our services are guaranteed; we take samples inside your Silver Lake, CA home or business before and after specialized mold treatments to ensure effectiveness. Mold Zero works closely with Silver Lake, CA commercial and residential clients to put forth solutions which permanently eradicate all their mold issues. For more information, schedule a free evaluation to find out the extent of your mold infestation.

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